Burglary Prevention Tips
    • Lock your doors and windows when leaving your home; this includes the garage and vehicle doors. A large percentage of residential burglaries do occur in the daytime.
    • For night time, turn on exterior lights and consider adding motion detector flood lights. (Criminals prefer dim areas.)
    • Know who is at your door before opening it. Screen doors and chain locks can provide a false sense of security.
    • Obtain identification. If they show you an ID for a service company (i.e. cable, phone company, etc.) call their employer and verify who they are and why they are at your door. Consider installing peepholes in all entryway doors.
    • Keep track of your property by writing down model and serial numbers as well as identifying features. Take photos of all property with at lease one photo showing the serial number.
    • Without serial numbers,  there is a far greater chance you will not get your property back.

    Home Property Inventory Form

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