Private Property Accident Report

Private Property Accident Report Form


If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident on private property, such as a parking lot, and all of the following conditions exist;

  • No injuries to any person(s) involved {drivers or passengers}
  • Property damage to vehicles only; and estimated to be less than $500.00
  • No drinking or drug impairment, or any other criminal behavior involved
  • All vehicles involved are operational
  • No hit and run
  • All parties involved remain civil

You may complete the Private Property Accident Report.pdf

The involved parties will no longer have to wait for a uniformed officer to respond and complete a report.  As a courtesy, the private property accident form, available through our website, is designed to assist motorists with providing the necessary information to insurance companies.

The Peculiar Police Department responds to calls for service based on the priority level of each individual call received.  Calls involving violence, injury, or the possible threat of violence or injury are assigned a higher priority.  Currently, due to these priority circumstances, those involved in private property accidents may have to wait an extended amount of time for an officer to be available to respond.  This new form will prove to be beneficial and cost efficient to involved citizens, taxpayers, and the police department.

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