Door to Door Solicitors
Door to Door Solicitors in the City of Peculiar

If you encounter any door to door solicitor, here are some important tips that will assist you in being able to determine if the subject is a legitimate salesperson who is already approved by the City of Peculiar to operate within the community.

  • The 1st step is for the salesperson to obtain a City of Peculiar solicitors permit in person at the Peculiar Police Department, which is to be clearly visible to the resident. 
  • The permit is valid for (1) year and will clearly display the person's name and photo approved for door to door soliciting, the company they represent, and the permit's expiration date.
  • The solicitor may go door to door until 8:00 pm only.
  • Even if the person has a current solicitor permit issued by the city, feel free to contact police if the person's behavior causes you alarm or you observe any other criminal activity connected to the solicitor. 

** sample permit **


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