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Trash Collection 

In recent weeks we have noticed a number of Facebook posts regarding trash service in the City of Peculiar. If your trash pickup is late or does not get picked up at all, we encourage you to call the City directly at 816-779-2222. You can also report it online using the report a concern function and select "Trash Problem" from the drop down.


Why is it important to call the City? It allows us to record and track the level of service being provided to our residents. We can also contact WCA directly on your behalf.

Trash and Recycling Services Provider

The City of Peculiar contracts with WCA for trash and recycling services.  Residences are provided with weekly trash collection using an automated trash collection system.  Each household is provided a trash cart to use for their household's trash.  

The City bills all residents for this service including some residents in Water District 10 & 2. Please contact City Hall to establish trash service.

Peculiar City Hall

Issues regarding service can be directed to the City or WCA.


Weekly Collection

Trash pick up is on Fridays, beginning at 7:00 a.m. Trash collection may occur into the evening hours.  Residents are encouraged to leave their containers curbside until picked up.

Holiday Collection

The only holidays that WCA observes are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. For these holidays, trash collection will be delayed by 1 day. This means that trash will be collected on the Saturday following the holiday instead of Friday.

Any other holidays such as Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day  or Labor Day will not impact the collection schedule. 

Services Performed

The City's contract with WCA includes the following:

  • Regular, weekly residential solid waste collection 
  • A residential solid waste receptacle - trash must be placed inside the receptacle. Trash bags left outside the receptacle are not subject to weekly pickup
  • Regular, weekly commingled recycling excluding glass
  • A residential recycling receptacle- recycling items must be placed inside the receptacle. Items left outside the receptacle are not subject to weekly pickup. 
  • Yard waste collection- second Friday of the month for each customer
  • Bulky Item collection- one item on the second Friday of the month for each customer

WCA will pick up yard waste the 2nd Friday of every month.

  • We accept grass clippings, leaves, plants, small shrubs, small limbs, and branches.
  • Preparation: Yard waste and trash must not be mixed. Yard waste must be bagged in proper biodegradable bags only. Absolutely no plastic bags or environmentally friendly plastic bags will be accepted for pick up. WCA does not accept yard waste in plastic drums or in your trash container.
  • Size: All limbs and branches must be individually, less than two inches in diameter, and four feet in length. The bundles need to be tied with string /rope, no wire will be accepted, and must be no more than 24 inches in diameter.
  • Weight: Each bag or bundle must not exceed 50 pounds.
  • Limits: Your limit is 25 bags and/or bundles.
  • Placement: set your bags and/or bundles at the end of your driveway. Other containers cannot be placed in front of or behind yard waste bags. Trash, yard waste bags, and recycling containers must be distinctly differentiated.

WCA does not accept: Large stumps, logs, railroad ties, lumber, rock, dirt, or any sort of nuts or crabapples.


  • Curbside Service 
    Commingled curbside service is available every Friday.

Recyclable Items

Recyclable items include Plastics #1-5 and #7, newspapers including inserts, magazines, catalogues, telephone books, brown paper bags, office paper, computer papers, notebook paper, chipboard (cereal, cake, mix, gift boxes), carrier stock (soda cases), paperback books, cardboard, aluminum and metal food cans, aluminum trays, foil, steel cans, and tins.

Items that cannot be accepted at this time are glass, plastic bags, motor oil, automotive product bottles, household hazardous waste containers, Styrofoam, hot ashes or cinders, shrub trimmings, yard trimmings, tree trunks or limbs, street sweepings, catch basin mulch, construction materials, appliances, large furniture, nothing with Freon or hazardous waste.

Bulky Items

One bulky item pickup is available free of charge for residential customers on the second Friday of each month. Bulk items include items other than normal household trash including, but not limited to, couches, chairs, dressers, mattresses and other items which cannot be safely and conveniently loaded into a solid waste transportation vehicle.

Excluded items are: appliances, concrete, bricks, large vehicle parts, tires, abandoned cars, whole trees, and construction materials. Electronic waste items such as televisions and computer monitors can no longer be collected. 

Additional items, non-freon appliances or items not qualified as “bulky items” can be collected for a fee. Contact WCA at 816-380-5595 to arrange for the collection of additional items. You are not required to inform them of your bulky item prior to setting it at the curb.

Solid Waste and Recycling

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