Utility Bill Information

New Utility Software and Utility Bill Information

The City of Peculiar switched billing programs on January 28, 2016. There are some new features that came along with this switch including a new utility bill format. The blue postcard has gone by the wayside and we have now gone to a full page utility statement. Be on the lookout for an envelope from the City which will contain your utility bill. The City has received complaints for years about the difficulty to read and understand the small blue postcard. The goal is that with the full page format the bill will be easier to understand and the City can get more information to the customers. There will be other new features that will become available in the future. A short detail about the new utility bill is below.

The full page utility statement has individual broken down services with totals for each service. You will now see a charge on the bill titled “VOTER APRVD WTR BOND, and VOTER APRVD SWR BOND” these are the monthly minimum amounts which include the first 1,000 gallons of water and or sewer. The “VOTER APRVD SWR BOND” also now includes the $12.00 Sewer Bond which was on the original blue postcards. No Amounts have changed!

Utility Fees and Charges

 The new bill format also gives a bar graph showing the most recent years’ worth of usage.

Utility Page Consumption

There is a section dedicated for bill notes which have important information regarding when bills are due, when disconnects are, and info regarding upcoming events or when City Hall will be closed.

Utility Page Notes


In the note section is an area which shows what you as a customer paid per gallon of water and sewer. This will be different per account as it is based upon the amount of usage.

Last but not least is a detachable payment coupon for you to submit with your payment. In the future a return envelope will be included for your convenience.

Utility Page Payment Coupon

Mistakes will be made but the City stands by its ability to provide outstanding customer service and correct any and all mistakes in a timely manner. 

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