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The City of Peculiar Would Like to Invite Residents to Participate in the New Memorial Tree Program

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 The Peculiar Tree Board is proud to introduce its Memorial Tree Program. Planting a tree in a city park is a wonderful way to honor a loved one and also provides a gift to the whole community. Trees are planted in public parks so everyone can enjoy the shade, beauty and enjoyment a living tree provides. A memorial tree can be planted for many occasions: in memory of someone who has passed away; in honor of a dedicated service member; to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding, retirement, or other occasion. Many work groups give trees instead of flowers for funerals or as memorials.

Why Plant a Memorial Tree?

A memorial tree can be a living remembrance of a loved one or a celebration of a happy event. It provides a sense of belonging and community and the trees are intended to become a part of the native, natural landscape within the City’s park system and become a Community Legacy. These trees will increase the beauty of our park system, provide food & shelter for wildlife, and bring a sense of peace when visiting Peculiar’s Parks.

 The benefits of the Memorial Tree Program include:

  • A unique gift
  • A lasting tribute
  •  Beatify the parks
  • Clean the air
  • Control erosion
  • Ease noise pollution

Who does the planting?

The City of Peculiar Parks & Recreation Department will plant the trees. After planting, the city will take care of watering, pruning, mulching, and other tree maintenance. The donating family will be invited to the planting ceremony and may help in the planting if they choose to do so.

Where will my tree be planted?

Memorial Trees will be planted in one of three Peculiar Parks; Raisbeck Park, McKernan Park or City Lake Park. The tree will be placed in a strategic location within the park that provides shade, shelter, and an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Site and location will also be determined by the tree species, giving the tree every opportunity to survive and become a healthy living part of our park system. 

Who chooses my tree?

Memorial Trees will be chosen by the person or family dedicating a tree. You will have the option of choosing from a list of Missouri Native trees and popular landscape trees adaptable to the Missouri soil and climate. Trees will be offered by the Parks & Recreation Department at a cost of $200 per tree. Each tree will be supplied with a “tree gator” to help with the summer watering season. 

What happens if my tree doesn't live?

Each tree is guaranteed for one (1) year and will be replaced the Parks and Recreation department at no extra charge should it die within that year. It is understood once planted; the tree is the exclusive property of the City which is responsible for watering, fertilizing, pruning and mulching it as necessary. 

How will my tree be recognized?

·         All memorial trees will be listed here on the Peculiar Memorial Tree webpage.

·         The Donor will receive a certificate of planting for the tree.

·      The City will not install any memorial plaques, but plaques are permitted at the individual’s expense. However, the City is not responsible for replacement of stolen or damaged plaques. Memorial Plaques, if provided by the donor, must be no larger than 4 x 5 inches and secured in the ground at the base of the tree. Plaques will be surrounded by mulch to ensure its visibility and protection from mowers and machinery. 

How do I get involved?

Anyone interested in donating a memorial tree should contact the Peculiar Parks and Recreation office at 816-779-2225.

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