Court Etiquette

 Here are several things you should know before you visit the Court:

  • The judge has the duty to to uphold the dignity and decorum of the judicial branch of our government by controlling,  maintaining order.  This duty requires the establishment and enforcement of rules of conduct and dress for litigants, counsel, witnesses, and spectators. These rules are intended to ensure that persons in the Courtroom do not obstruct or interfere with the orderly transaction of Court business and that they not degrade or insult the dignity of the judicial proceedings, judicial officers, witnesses or others in the Courtroom.
  • The rule established by this Court requiring persons entering the Courtroom to wear "Appropriate Attire" means clothing consistent with the seriousness and dignity of the judicial process.  Remove hats before entering the courtroom.  Shirts and shoes must be worn in the Courtroom, and clothing such as bare-midriff outfits, shorts, cut-offs, halter tops, tank tops, undershirts, see-through blouses, bathing suits, lingerie, athletic uniforms, hats, helmets, theatrical costumes, face-paint, and clothing emblazoned with obscene words, images or messages contemptuous or disrespectful of the judicial process all detract from the dignity of the judicial process and are therefore prohibited. 
  • All pagers and cell phones should be turned off or to non-audible setting before entering the courtroom.
  • It is also important to know that food, drink, and all weapons are strictly prohibited from the building. No alcohol will be allowed on the premises.
  • The following are not allowed in the Municipal Court building:

                > Weapons of any type or size

> Tools or sharp instruments

> Chemical sprays

> Cameras

> Recording devices


  • All weapons will be confiscated and the violator will be appropriately charged. Do not attempt to bring in any prohibited items. The Court will not store prohibited items for pickup. Leave these items at home or in your car.

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