Traffic Safety
If there is a traffic safety concern in your neighborhood, please contact the police department and, if possible, provide a time frame during which the problem occurs.  In addition, name the street(s) and/or area that is connected to the issue.

Examples could be:

  • Careless and reckless driving behavior
  • Pedestrian actions that create a safety concern for motorists
  • Possible intoxicated driver
  • Repeated driving issues with a particular vehicle or motorist
  • Any other traffic safety issues that cause concern


If a particular vehicle is involved, please provide as much information as  possible when you call, such as:

Color, make / model, license plate information, direction of travel, and occupants. 

You can also make requests for:                                                    

  • Extra Patrol in the area of concern
  • Extra Patrol - Utilizing Stationary or Mobile Radar Enforcement
  • Use of a Speed Monitoring Awareness Response Trailer (S.M.A.R.T.)

             radar trailer


Traffic Stops - What to do if you get pulled over

The Peculiar Police Department would like to offer these important tips and reminders if you
find yourself involved in a
traffic stop with police. This information will make the experience
less stressful and will help insure your safety and the
safety of the officer.

If you observe lights and sirens behind you, Missouri Law requires:
- That you immediately pull over to the nearest right-hand edge of the roadway.
- Pull your car over as close as possible to the curb of the roadway.
- Stay clear of any intersections.

- Stop in this position until the emergency vehicle has either passed
or wait for the officer to approach your vehicle.

If you are being pulled over and a police officer is approaching your vehicle:
- Stay in your vehicle and keep your hands clearly visible to the approaching officer.
- Avoid sudden movement if possible.

- If it is dark outside, you can turn on your interior dome light.
- The officer will clearly explain the reason for the traffic stop to you.
- Follow the instructions of the officer which can include asking for your driver's license,
insurance, and registration.

- Please advise the officer the location of these documents before reaching for them.
- Be honest with the officer and ask for an explanation if something is unclear.
- Do not get out of your vehicle unless the officer asks you to step out.
- If asked to do so, exit the car in a calm manner with your hands in plain view of the officer.
- If issued a traffic citation, please maintain a polite and cooperative attitude with the officer.
- Please do not debate the reason for the ticket at roadside. The municipal court is the proper
place to hear your grievance.

Police officers may stop motorists for these reasons:
- Traffic violations
- Probable cause to make an arrest
- Reasonable suspicion of criminal activity based on personal observations, information from
other officers, or a witness.

- Outstanding arrest warrants
- Traffic stops also occur when minor infractions are observed such as illegally tinted windows
or inoperative equipment.







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