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Peculiar Way Design Overlay
“A good future depends on a good plan. The City of Peculiar wants the
best possible future for our community and our residents
~ Planning is how we get there.”

   The City Planner provides the primary Staff Support for the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Board of Aldermen. Responsibilities include enforcement of the City’s Zoning Regulations and directing the orderly growth and development of the City by ensuring proposed construction adheres to the City of Peculiar’s Comprehensive Plan.

   As Zoning Administrator, the City Planner advises and assists applicants in the development of their property and handles applications for zoning changes. In addition the Planner administers requests for Special Use Permits, processes applications for the subdivision of land ("platting") and monitors the long-range needs of the Community.
   City Forms, Applications and Information are provided below for your use. If you have questions please feel free to contact the City Planner. For many Zoning Districts, the permitted uses/businesses are shown in the Approved Land-Use Table below.
Note: The City of Peculiar adopted a "New" Zoning District to provide design guidance and define land-use for the Peculiar Way (211th Street) Corridor at I-49.  The two links below provide the Map, and Ordinance for the Peculiar Way Design Overlay District now in effect.
Peculiar Way Design Overlay Ordinance 
Peculiar Way Design Overlay District Map 

For additional information, form and applications:
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